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Aurora Solar

Solar thermal’s future leaders Students from Stirling North Primary School put their renewable energy knowledge to good use by thinking of solutions for real-world problems that SolarReserve could face during the construction of the Aurora Solar Energy Project. After educating students on renewable energy, SolarReserve representatives gave Year 3/4 students the task of coming up…

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WordPress, is it popular?

Popular? Going by the statistics, it’s hugely popular. Many of the statistic refer to blogs, posts and comments, well that’s because, from the beginning, WordPress was a blogging platform, still is, one of the best. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t a deadly CMS (Content Management System), in fact it’s one of the nicest CMSs…

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WordPress 4.8 Arrives

With ease of use being at the forefront of development, along with security, the new version of WordPress turns what used to be a sticking point for some users into a simple excercise. Namely, inserting media and rich text into a standard sidebar (wigetised area). These four new widgets will make life easier for us…

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Why is Mossack Fonseca not a great role model?

Why is Mossack Fonseca (MF) a poor role model? Could it be that MF’s role in today’s world, where you and I work hard, pay our taxes and make a living, is the total opposite of what some people think is OK. A role where people like MF help other mongrels, that make obscene amounts…

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Who does backups these days, anyway?

Relax, we've got your back

Well I do and of course so do you, so we’re covered then!  A bit like “The whole world’s gone mad…except you and me!” Seriously, I’ve been involved in computer/network support in regional South Australia since the late nineties. I would make a best guess-estimate that 10% (probably less) of people that I’ve worked with…

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A WordPress website – Where to start?

Why a website? For many this is as clear as mud, others clear as crystal. Either way you need to build the case for the expense and effort, yes, even self published sites cost time and that can be more expensive than money, but I’m not going to delve into the why, not yet anyway.…

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