About our critical maintenance package

OK, so you've been hacked... what now?

Sometimes things go wrong. Do you have the skills or the resources to put them right again, in the quickest time possible and without stuffing up your day...or week?

Or would you like someone else to worry about that?

Website Backups

If you have a site that updates regularly with new content, then regular backups are a must.

Nightly backups are an important feature of our care plans and we'll manage a restore for you if worse come to worst.

Security Check

Sometimes hackers manage to get scripts installed on your site. This usually happens when software isn't kept up to date or you use badly written plugins. Sometimes it stems from a malware-infected computer that you are using.

As part of our critical maintenance plan we regularly check for malware and install a premium version of Wordfence to provide protection from hackers.

Software Updates

WordPress core and the various plugins that you might use, are updated on a frequent basis for both security, bug-fix or functionality reasons. As with Windows or any other software, your best chances of protection and productivity are achieved by keeping up to date.


We send you a regular report that includes updates done, backups made, optimisation achieved, security scan results and analytics summary.

The Reporting is included with the Website Care Plans, the Standard and Professional receive monthly reports while Premium and Platinum receive weekly reports.

Database Optimisation

Your WordPress site will often build up a number of spam comments and dozens of revisions. We automatically clean these unwanted items and optimise your database for you.

Plugin Licenses

We have several Developer Licenses and include these as part of our Critical Maintenance Plan.

Good quality plugins are often at a price premium too. It pays to buy good plugins or upgrade to premium, paid versions as the functionality they provide well is worth it.

We have dev licences for Gravity Forms, Foobox lightbox, Akismet anti spam and more.

Critical Maintenance Package

The Critical Maintenance Package includes Helpdesk. With this plan YOU manage and add content on your site, with access to our videos, forum and helpdesk. We look after the WordPress and Plugin updates, security and backups with free restores.

We backup, maintain and update your site

Our website care plans give you the freedom to send us updates and content or newsletters or other jobs to do without having to delve too deeply into the nuts and bolts of your website. The Critical Maintenance Package comes included. From $150 per month.