Helpdesk and Critical Maintenance

Critical Maintenance Package

Only $60 per month
  • Critical Maintenance Package
  • Support Desk
  • Video Library Access
  • Selected Plugin Licenses
  • Per Hour Developer Access

Critical Maintenance Package

Our Critical Maintenance Package gives you the peace-of-mind knowing that your site is backed up regularly, the software kept up-to-date and best protected against nasties.

Developer Access

With the Critical maintenance Package you will be able to purchase consultancy time to do specific jobs on an ad-hoc basis. These will be billed out in advance at $125 AUD per hour plus GST in minimum time blocks of 30 minutes.

Discounted Developer Access

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See our Website Care Plans.

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Most websites stagnate as people don't allocate the resources necessary to keep them up to date and fresh. Does this apply to your website? Do you want to keep your website in front of Google and growing with content?

This is why we have developed our Website Care Plans.

Website care plans enable a business to budget a fixed amount per month while saving on the normal hourly rate and additional benefits.

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