WordPress, is it popular?

Popular? Going by the statistics, it’s hugely popular. Many of the statistic refer to blogs, posts and comments, well that’s because, from the beginning, WordPress was a blogging platform, still is, one of the best. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t a deadly CMS (Content Management System), in fact it’s one of the nicest CMSs I’ve worked with. The beauty is that it has blogging at it’s heart, and it does it well, all built-in!

Many of our clients have static website, they never change them and never add to them, they have little traffic but don’t care. Some care and want to increase traffic. Mention “blog” though and they switch off, pity as that might be the one best way to build your site’s value, popularity and effectiveness.

As an alternative I refer to a “Latest news” section, “would you be able to manage that?”.
“I guess so” they may respond.
“Maybe the odd interesting article on something related to your business?”.
“Hmm, maybe.”
There you go, a blog in disguise.

So if you think WordPress is too hard, or not suited or whatever, take a look at the stats. Especially take a look at the list of famous sites that in the following article. Don’t be mistaken, it’s not a short list as shown, they’re just an example handful, amongst many thousands.

In fact when I come across a website that I think is outstanding in some way, I have a quick look at the source code. In Firefox that’s a quick Crtl+U (Cmd+U) and in most cases I find the giveaway file structure that denotes WordPress. Look for assets (CSS etc) where its URL has that standard /wp-content/ in their paths. Don’t be fooled though, some sites do a bit of fancy path-rewriting to disguise the fact that they’re using WordPress, but there are other giveaways, if you know what to look for.

So if you want a website that can start small and simple, one that can grow, mature and take on more roles for your business, why go past WordPress?

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