A WordPress website – Where to start?

Why a website?

For many this is as clear as mud, others clear as crystal. Either way you need to build the case for the expense and effort, yes, even self published sites cost time and that can be more expensive than money, but I'm not going to delve into the why, not yet anyway.

OK. A website IS what you want (you've decided)

You've argued the pros and cons and made up your mind.

You chose WordPress as the platform.

You've got something up and running or are about to and NOW you want to make it work.

Yes, make it work, which means:

  • be able to update it
  • add stories and information
  • improve the functionality
  • change the look of it
  • gather leads
  • sell products
  • change the world

But how and where do you start. Well, Google is your friend, but also your enemy!  The info you need is out there, HEAPS OF IT! But therein lies the problem, until you get your head in the right space, it all looks like alien gibberish (assuming aliens talk gibberish) and it's hard to know what's important.

And that's where Working WP comes in

Working WP will help you make it work, right from the beginning, at the grass roots, and we'll work up from there.

After all everybody has to start somewhere (unless you're the chicken or was it the egg?)

Join us and we'll help you build a successful website, one step at a time, in simple language.

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